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When we learn about menstrual cycles in school, the focus is on puberty. But we are seldom educated on how much they affect us as we get older. A few months ago, I started tracking my cycle via an app, and it is helping me navigate all my ups and downs better. You can track your cycle using many different iPhone apps or by marking it on a calendar.

Teens don’t always get sex ed at school. TikTokers are stepping in.

The platform is filling an education gap. But like anything else, it has its limitations

A groundbreaking Connecticut law would give a $3,200 bond to every child born into poverty

It would be the first state to grant children of low-income parents individual trusts paid for by the state, which children can access once they turn 18

A generation changed

A package from the editors of The Lily examining the effects of the pandemic on women and nonbinary people