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Life in 2020 has been like a roller coaster that you can’t get off — one that adds more and more loops as it goes. I’ve been chronicling my journey through comics, including my recently released humorous coloring book for stressed-out parents, “Corona Mama Comics Presents: A Calming Comic Coloring Collection.”

The pandemic forced me to juggle odd jobs. I’m still learning how to balance them all.

As a recent graduate, I didn’t expect to be here, but I’m proud of myself for navigating it

I self-isolate when I’m struggling. But it’s when I need friends the most.

Over the years, I’ve found that spending time with positive friends is critical to my well-being

I gave up a lot of traditions when I moved to America. Here’s how I’m reclaiming them.

Celebrating the Korean holiday Chuseok this year helped me appreciate where I’m from and where I am now