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I’ve always had the bad habit of finding any excuse to beat myself up.

I am so hard on myself when my depression or anxiety hits me. I end up questioning why I am like this and putting pressure on myself to be better.

Depression is hard. It tears everyone down no matter how successful or secure you are.

My therapist has started to help me figure out how to take it easy on myself. One of the ways she’s done that is to encourage me to rethink how I contextualize depression.

As a kid, I loved playing the board game Life. Here’s what a modern version would look like.

Uh oh, you miss a student loan payment because you have to buy a bridesmaid dress

The Women’s March is almost here. These are the hard questions I must ask of the movement.

As a white woman, I can’t risk repeating the failures of our past

We’re bombarded with messages about losing weight around the new year. Here’s how I cope.

I had to learn to listen to what my body wants and needs above all else