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One of the most difficult conversations we had to have with our family when we decided to foster was about reunification. They were worried for us, and rightly so. Foster care is inherently sad; we’re temporary parents to a child who has already been failed by their first set.

But the system often fails the parents as well. Being afraid of or angry at our foster daughter’s birth mom doesn’t serve anyone; not her and not us. That’s the hardest part. The easiest part is how sweet Daisy is, and the fact she’s already sleeping through the night.

The Women’s March is almost here. These are the hard questions I must ask of the movement.

As a white woman, I can’t risk repeating the failures of our past

I craved being a mom. I wasn’t prepared to hate parenting.

I felt ashamed to tell anyone that I was feeling anything less than total, overwhelming love

My husband and I are equal partners. Why does he get so much more credit for parenting?

These gender biases are built into our culture