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My hair has gone through many stages. I’ve had crunchy, bleached blond ends. I’ve grown it past my waist. In high school, I chopped it off. And I’ve made multiple, sad attempts at bangs (I never learned my lesson on those).

I wanted so desperately to make my Asian hair different that I never took the time to see all the possibilities of what it could be naturally. This comic is a slice of that journey — one that I’m still working through today.

Latinas are still the lowest paid group in the U.S. Experts have tips for combating the inequity.

Oct. 21 marks Latina Equal Pay Day, the last Equal Pay Day of the year

I’m in my 20s. Here’s why I love watching shows about women in their 40s and 50s.

I want more shows that pull back the curtain on the mystery of adulthood

U.S. women are largely dissatisfied with how they’re treated. Most men don’t see a problem.

The Gallup poll also found that fewer Black women and Hispanic women were satisfied with women’s treatment compared to White women