Illustrations by Julia Yellow.

Halloween is right around the corner, and The Lily is here to help. We’ve compiled a list of costumes to get conversations flowing as freely as the drinks at your next Halloween gathering.

These costumes are news-inspired, culturally-relevant and possible to make at home.

Have some fun, get creative and make a statement this Halloween.

The last straw

Plastic straws may be small, but they are causing big trouble for our oceans. By 2050, the world’s oceans could have more plastic than fish in them. Businesses across the country and the world are taking action to cut back on single-use plastic items like straws, stirrers and cup lids.

To make this costume: Collect all the used straws you can (tip: stalk your local coffee shop) and fashion them into a plastic sea creature. You’ll be taking a stand. The turtles will thank you.

Woman in a cold office

Is it cold in here? Women often find themselves faced with working in a cold office environment, especially during warmer months when air-conditioning systems are on full blast. Thermostats in many buildings are set under the assumption that the average worker is male, has a large body mass and usually wears long-sleeved shirts or jackets. Cynthia Nixon heated up this topic when she asked to raise the room temperature to 76 degrees for her debate with New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo in August.

To make this costume: Dress in normal office attire but bundle up with a blanket and some gloves. To up the chill factor, try some icy-looking face paint or makeup. Create a small, portable desk and you’re good to go. You might look cold, but this costume should keep you toasty warm.

Your inner Serena Williams

Are you a fan of Serena Williams? Have some thoughts about what happened at the U.S. Open? Put on a tennis tutu and speak your mind.

To make this costume: Find a black catsuit or a tutu-inspired tennis dress. Don’t forget your tennis racket. Bonus if you have daughter to act as your Olympia.

Gender-reveal party

Are gender-reveal parties the new baby shower? Over the past few years, these parties have increased in popularity and extravagance. What was once a simple celebration with a colored cake-cutting or box-opening, has evolved into elaborate displays that reflect the personalities of the soon-to-be parents.

Make this costume: Wear long coats to hide the colors of your clothes underneath. Pass out cupcakes with mystery colors inside. Carry around a black confetti-filled balloon to be popped at the end of the night and have other guests guess what color is inside.

Lily Lit Club

Good books, good friends and some wine for good measure. Book clubs are a social staple for many women. That’s why the book lovers at The Lily launched Lily Lit Club, an Instagram-only monthly book club to highlight female authors. You can join by following @LilyLitClub on Instagram.

Make this costume: Grab some friends and dress up as the covers of your favorite books. All you need is some cardboard and a little creativity. Need a title suggestion? We recommend the first two books featured in Lily Lit Club: “Ordinary People” by Diana Evans or “The Poet X” by Elizabeth Acevedo.

Emotional labor

The burden of keeping everyone happy can be a full-time job that disproportionately falls to women. Many women are now taking a step back and saying “time out” to emotional labor to set an example for future generations.

Make this costume: Get a normal tool belt and attach all the items women use to keep the world running and everyone around them happy: a calendar or planner, some tissues, first aid kit, kids’ toys, cooking and cleaning supplies, lots of lists, etc. Don’t forget the watch to let people know you don’t approve of your time being wasted.

Kusama exhibits

Yayoi Kusama’s artistic work is incredibly prolific and her “Infinity Mirrors” exhibits have made her one of the most well-known artists in the world. Her vibrant and quirky aesthetic, both in her personal style and her art, is instantly recognizable.

Make this costume: Find some friends and pick your favorite Kusama exhibit for inspiration. Think polka dots, pumpkins, mirrors and bright, contrasting colors. Add a bright red wig to top off this iconic look.

Party Lyft

If you’re a fan of HBO’s “Insecure," you probably rode along with Issa’s party Lyft this season. It’s just like a normal Lyft but way more fun. There are snacks, party banter and better lighting.

Make this costume: Fashion a Lyft car out of cardboard and craft paper. Wear party-worthy outfits. Attach blinking lights and a disco ball. Bonus points if you have Capri Suns to pass out.

Targeted Instagram ads

If you’re like those of us on Team Lily, you’ve likely been the target of social ads featuring monochrome workout gear. Choose to be comfortable on Halloween — while discussing the ethics of targeted advertising.

Make this costume: The more people in leggings, the better. Everyone can pick their own bright color or the whole group can be clad in a single hue. This works best when everyone is wearing the exact same outfit. Make an Instagram ad frame out of poster board and strike a (very hip) pose.

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