The Lily is launching a classic call-in advice show to help with the difficult conversations in your life.

Do you want to talk to your partner about something, but you’re not sure how to bring it up? Did your friend lose someone important in her life? Sometimes having tough conversations is hard. If you find yourself not knowing what to say, it’s time to call Nora McInerny. She’ll know what to say. She has an entire podcast, “Terrible, Thanks for Asking,” dedicated to having difficult conversations. She started it after her husband died of brain cancer, her father died, and she miscarried her second child, all in the span of seven weeks.

Now she’s opening her phone line, and her experiences, to Lily readers. Leave Nora a voicemail at (978) THE-LILY with your question for a chance to be featured in our upcoming call-in advice series.

After you leave a voicemail, we may ask you take part in an advice series, where you’d have a one-on-one call with Nora.

Here’s what we need from you. Tell us about a difficult conversation you have ahead of you:

• Do you need to talk to your partner about debt?

• Do you want to tell your family you don’t want children?

• Don’t know what to say to a coworker who’s been laid off?

Make sure to tell us your full name when you call.

Disclaimer: Your phone number will only be used for this project. If you agree to take part in this series, we may publish your voicemail.

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