Barely a full day into her campaign for New York governor, Cynthia Nixon has had to put her guard up. Another local politician has waded into the Andrew Cuomo-Nixon fray.

According to The New York Post, Christine Quinn, a former City Council Speaker, called Nixon an “unqualified lesbian.”

The two crossed political paths in 2013 when Nixon endorsed now-New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio over Quinn for the mayoral race.

Nixon replied to Quinn’s statements that neither her nor Quinn’s sexuality had anything to do with the issues at hand. She refocused the attention on Albany saying the issues are “the corruption in Albany. It’s time for an outsider. I’m not an Albany insider.”

Another issue is that Nixon has insisted many times over the years that she is bisexual.

Vox listed the various times Nixon has tried to clear up the bi-erasure of her identity. This is likely not be the last time that Nixon’s sexuality will be brought up throughout the campaign.

Later, Nixon turned the spat into an opportunity. She tweeted out an invite for “qualified and unqualified lesbians” and everyone else to join her at the historic Stonewall Inn for a campaign launch party.

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