Late night shows have become a battleground for comedians to defend free speech or make personal pleas for causes important to them.

But when it comes to diversity, the ranks of late-night don’t fare too well. But soon, another name will be added to the small club of women late-night hosts. After an interview with The Cut, Busy Philipps confirmed the announcement of her new show on Instagram and Twitter.

Philipps shared that the working title of her new project is “Busy Tonight.” The show will air on E! and begin in the summer. She will film in Los Angeles, where she lives with her husband and two daughters.

While Joan Rivers was one of the first women to host a late night talk show, her success didn’t last as long as some of her contemporaries, like David Letterman and Jay Leno. Chelsea Handler enjoyed a long tenure at E!, which seems like a promising ground for Philipps.

She will join BET’s Robin Thede, TBS’ Samantha Bee and Hulu’s Sarah Silverman as one of a few women leading a late night show. Handler’s latest show on Netflix was not renewed after the second season.

Philipps’s style of comedy is more candid, conversational and off-the-cuff than other late night shows.

She’s a natural at social media, which means her legion of followers are already eager to see what the actress and author will do next. At least 200,000 viewers tune into her Instagram stories, which may only grow as she begins to work on the show.

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