10 reads for the working (or vacationing) woman

Whether you’re lounging on the beach, waiting in an airport or just taking a long lunch break, summer is the perfect time to crack open a good book.

We asked women leaders at JPMorgan Chase what they’re reading — or recommending to friends — as the weather heats up. Here, they share some of their all-time favorite books about female empowerment, friendship and perseverance:

“I fell in love with this book the summer in between finishing undergrad and entering the workforce. It’s a great read for women who are seeking peace in mayhem while trying to figure it all out. Jen Sincero is huge on self-confidence, patience and spiritual energy, which left me feeling empowered to be my best self. It is perfect for any transition in life.”

  • Robyn Blanton, Hedge Fund Services Analyst

“This book opened my eyes to all of the things that we as women miss out on, simply because we don’t ask for it or negotiate on our own behalf – everything from better salaries, to flexible work schedules, or even something as simple as a lower cable bill. It offers valuable techniques and examples to help women get what they want on their own terms.”

  • Zoé Zeigler, Vice President , Corporate Marketing

“This inspirational, true story proves that no matter what your background is or where you come from, if you dream big and work hard, you can achieve great things. It’s also an important reminder of how we can lift others up, even from the most inhumane conditions, and bring out the best in them.”

“It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day process of orchestrating life and forget who we are, what we are striving for and what we truly want to live for. The story of Alice Love is a great reminder to not let society’s expectations dictate our priorities or lose ourselves along the journey of achievement.”

  • Laura Miller, President , Merchant Services, Commercial Banking Segment

“This book is for both new and experienced managers, although the insights are also useful for those starting out in their careers. It walks you through learning your role, leaving past experiences behind, setting personal timelines for growth, gaining credibility, understanding team culture, building coalitions and achieving wins.”

  • Dionne Fraser, Vice President and Assistant General Counsel , Chase Business Banking

“A great, quick, nonfiction read about a young career woman in New York City who has everything going for her until a freak medical condition turns her world upside down. Her story reminds us that life can throw curveballs, and you must sometimes be relentless to get the information you need—in this case, to save your life.”

  • Erica Dardaganis, Executive Director , Business Banking Sales Finance

“So simple yet so influential, this book empowers you to listen to your heart and pursue your dreams, irrespective of the obstacles that arise. The story serves as a reminder that we need to be fearless with our endeavors in order to fulfill our purpose with an open mind and heart.”

  • Yanilsa Frias, Financial Associate

“I believe that we all need desire and determination to work hard and achieve success in the face of fatigue, boredom or the desire to do other things. This collection of compelling sports narratives is what I pick up each time I need to refresh my drive in the workplace or elsewhere in life.”

Annie Goldman, Global Technology Associate

“This is an engrossing story of the friendship between two young girls that begins in post-WWII Naples and follows them through their coming of age as women and as leaders. Not only is it a fascinating read, but it also provides a good perspective for young women on life, leadership and independence.”

  • Julia Bates, Chief Control Officer , Commercial Banking

“This book is a collection of poems that helps women face adversity and even find joy in the difficult areas of their lives. Each of the four chapters focuses on a different hardship that all young women can relate to.”

  • Marissa Hart, Sports & Entertainment Marketing Senior Associate

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