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Elizabeth Beier is a queer cartoonist living in San Jose, Calif. From the time she first moved to the Bay Area, she has gone San Francisco Pride to meet people, hear their stories and draw. This year, she asked Pride-goers in Dolores Park before the Dyke March what the occasion means to them.

Turn on your audio to meet the people who shared their diverse stories with her.

I’ve generously supported the GOP for decades. But as a transgender woman, I’m forced to reevaluate my party.

To me, restrictions on transgender military service are personal

She struggled with her son’s sexuality for years. Now, she’s offering to be the ‘mom’ at gay weddings.

Sara Cunningham’s Facebook post garnered national attention, including from Jamie Lee Curtis

I wasn’t protected when I experienced sexual violence as a nonbinary person. Students today could face the same fate.

New proposals would weaken the responsibilities of schools