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I have always been quick to dismiss the idea that I am someone who can experience racial discrimination. I know that’s something that I have to work on. I always felt as if the transgressions that happened to me were too small and that there were bigger problems to solve.

This year has forced me to look back on moments in my life that I have brushed off and confront them. Hate against Asian Americans is palpable today and permeates this country’s history. There’s only so much individual reflection can do; it’s time to act as a whole.

Rapists can request custody in many states. Arizona is the latest to make it harder.

‘Even with these new laws, it’s not even close to leveling the playing field,’ said one legal expert

Should I continue breastfeeding to provide my child some antibody protection against the coronavirus?

A lack of published research led me on a search for answers

Texas is in the spotlight. But transgender activists say their fight feels uniquely grueling and ‘lonely.’

More than 40 bills aimed at curbing trans rights have been filed in the past 10 months alone