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As a foster parent, I was often mistaken for my child’s mom at the grocery store, the doctor’s office and the day care. I did all the “Mom” things but felt that the title didn’t exactly fit. I also had a chance to watch her biological mom grow and learn as a new parent and accept me as part of her parenting “team.” Nowadays, we text back and forth regularly about the best way to go about potty training, the latest funny thing Daisy has said or the usual frustrations of parenting a toddler.

Even though our culture puts a lot of importance on the title of “Mom,” I’m happy to just be part of their chosen family.

I am my father’s retirement plan. It’s an honor that terrifies me.

Providing support for my dad is both a privilege and an obligation I do not take lightly

Hormonal birth control can be a struggle. Could this new gel be a ‘game changer’?

The gel protects against pregnancy for one hour and is applied right before intercourse