Discussion of news topics with a point of view, including narratives by individuals regarding their own experiences

As a journalist and a designer, I’m particularly drawn to comics and graphic novels. I’m convinced that it’s the most perfect form of storytelling. When you read a truly good comic, it can hit you on the deepest level. They have the unique ability to tell (and show) a very personal story and still make it relatable to any reader. I even tried my hand at it earlier this year, when I created my own comic about how I was experiencing time passing during the pandemic.

It is an honor (and one of my favorite parts of my job) to hire and work with comic artists to help tell and share their stories on The Lily. This year has been news-making in so many ways, and our comics have covered it all — from experiencing the coronavirus first hitting the United States to protesting safely to celebrating a virtual wedding to creating safe spaces for Black women. Here’s a roundup of 12 of my favorite comics from 2020.

Note: All views expressed are opinions of the artists.

This year, I’m no longer trying to be a ‘new me’ — I want to be happy with who I am

Comic artist Christine Inzer was tired of constantly trying to be “new.”

I had covid-19 months ago. Life on the other side of infection isn’t as easy as I’d hoped.

Recovering from being sick with covid-19 taught comic artist Marian Blair a lot about herself.

It’s not my job to absolve your White guilt

Comic artist Bianca Xunise became more frustrated with messages from non-Black and White friends because she still doesn’t feel seen.

I suffer from Zoom phobia. Here’s what that looks like.

Comic artist Gemma Correll shared what it’s like to have anxiety around endless Zoom calls during the pandemic.

The world is falling apart. Why are people so scared of gaining weight?

Closing schools is essential. But students must be able to access mental health services.

Growing up in an impoverished community, free counseling was necessary for comic artist Sage Coffey.

I had a virtual wedding. It was better than I could’ve ever imagined.

Thankfully, technology led comic artist Lauren Barnett and her wife to a futuristic happily ever after.

Being on social media is exhausting. Here’s how I’m balancing it with my well-being.

At times, being on social media feels performative for comic artist Mayya Agapova.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg changed the country we live in. Now is our chance to honor that work.

When Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Sept. 18, comic artist Katie Wheeler argued it was time to turn grief into fuel for change.

I’ve been using public transit during the pandemic. I’ve encountered more harassment than ever before.

During the pandemic, comic artist Dabin Han feels more exposed, with fewer people to turn to when she’s out in public.

8 intriguing facts about female animals, from octopuses eating their mates to lionesses ruling the pride

Comic artist Brooke Barker encourages readers to expand their animal knowledge with these interesting tidbits.

I visited New York museums as soon as they reopened. There was an essential element missing.

Comic artist Pepita Sándwich couldn’t wait to see art. But the museum-going experience was totally different.

A Girl Scout troop for kids without homes has sold nearly 20,000 boxes of cookies: ‘They get to be heroes’

It’s a feat for a troop of about six girls confronting unstable living situations in the middle of a pandemic

Has Zoom changed how you see yourself? 6 women share their stories.

Videoconferencing services have shaped the lives and routines of many people working from home

A city without plastic tampons: Mexico City’s new policy could make period poverty worse

The single-use plastic ban has been celebrated by environmentalists but criticized by menstrual health advocates