Every year, it’s a holiday scramble.

You’ve got x-number of people and you need x-number of presents. They all have to be thoughtful, perfect and just right.

Here are six out-of-the-box ideas we’re featuring from women-owned companies.

Cost: $65

Crochet yarn on the outside, recycled maize meal sacks on the inside. This Farai bag, made by women artisans in Soweto, is as eco-friendly as it is socially-conscious. Each purchase of this bag puts money back into the community by assisting children who have been abused, are homeless or those in orphanages.

Cost: $80

Yokoo Gibraan, a textile and knitwear designer, has a knack for making attention-grabbing, cozy creations. Be sure to order ahead. Each scarf is worth the 4 to 6 weeks it takes for Gibraan to knit and ship.

Cost: $85

Gravel & Gold’s statement towel — with boobs of all shapes and sizes — is plushy and white on one side, black on the other. It’s also always beach-ready.

Cost: $99

It’s simple. The kit arrives at your door, you provide the saliva, then your DNA goes to a lab, where it’s synthesized. Discover your ancestry in six to eight weeks. If you throw in an extra $100 bucks, you’ll also get health and wellness reports.

Cost: $99.95

MIT engineer Limor “Ladyada” Fried started Adafruit with the intention of making it a place where you could learn and play with electronics. The robot lunchbox alone is half the draw in the circuit playground express educator’s pack, but we also love everything else that’s in it. The pack includes over 35 little pieces you need to program the board three different ways.


Light as a feather, thin as a board. Away’s carefully-designed carry-on hits all the specs we like: It’s got a lock, USB charging station, durable shell and nylon laundry bag to separate clean clothes from dirty ones.

Typography by Simi Mahtani for The Lily.

Photos by Linda Wang for The Lily.

Hand-drawn elements by Rachel Orr.

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