From adorable onesies to creative magazines, we’ve got a list of clothing, toys and books to keep your little one occupied for hours.

Best of all, these products are either written, made or designed by women.

Cost: $15

This babe attire from designer Jenna Blazevich comes in heather gray. It’s soft and cuddly, just like the kid who’s destined to wear it.

Cost: $15 per issue; $50 for yearly subscription (4 issues)

Erin Bried started this quarterly print magazine for girls ages 5 to 10 after not being able to find one for her 5-year-old daughter. In her Twitter bio, she says it’s “a magazine for girls who aren’t afraid to make some noise.”

Cost: Ruby Rails Skydive Action Figure: $24.99; individual books: $6.99 each

To narrow the gender gap among engineers, GoldieBlox CEO Debbie Sterling started her company with the hopes of creating toys (like action figure Ruby Rails) and books for girls to help develop their spatial skills early on.

Cost: $10 to $11 per book

Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou and Frida Kahlo — these are just a few of the incredible women featured in books meant for kids ages 5 to 8. Each biography comes with detailed illustrations by Elisa Munso.


This T-shirt’s a homage to Oui Fresh’s favorite ’80s movie, “Labyrinth,” where David Bowie sings about “the babe with the power.”

Cost: $14 per issue; $56 for yearly subscription (4 issues)

Founded by Joanne Meiyi Chan, this Oakland-based magazine is meant for “creative kids and their grownups,” so let your little one’s imagination run wild with Illustoria’s coloring pages, DIY instructions, book recommendations and more.

Typography by Simi Mahtani for The Lily.

Photos by Linda Wang for The Lily.

Hand-drawn elements by Rachel Orr.

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