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My love for comics started as a young kid, reading the newspaper over a bowl of cereal every Sunday morning. I loved dissecting the dynamics in “Family Circle,” reading about the latest way the teenage son in “Zits” was annoying his parents, and the high-jinks Calvin and Hobbes found themselves in.

As comics editor of The Lily, I get to commission and work with women and gender nonconforming artists to share their stories of growth, therapy and navigating sobriety. It is an absolute privilege to work with them, and I’m still reminding myself that this is actually my job. What an honor.

Over the past four years, The Lily has constantly experimented with the boundaries of comic storytelling. This week, we published our 250th full-length comic since September 2017.

Comics offer a unique space that marries striking visuals with vulnerable writing to push autobiographic storytelling to the next level. It’s why I think comics are a special and often underrated medium.

For the next four weeks, you will find a special issue of Lily Lines in your inbox every Sunday featuring comics from our archive. Sign up for it here and don’t miss out. This week, we are starting off with my favorite comics focused on friendship. I would love to hear from you about a comic that resonated with you or if you’re a comic artist who would like to work with us.

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