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Every year, we go through the same process of trying to find the perfect holiday card. Save time this year: We’ve got you covered. Below are our favorite women-owned card companies.

Cost:$5 per card

Artist Carissa Potter founded People I’ve Loved, a small printmaking workshop that specializes in hand-printed and assembled objects. It’s headquartered in a farmhouse with a lemon tree in Oakland, Calif.

Cost: $4.81 per card

Note:Able and Game is located in Australia, so order early to make time for shipping.

The creative team behind Able and Game are Anna Blandford, the illustrator, and Gareth Meney, who works on the technical side. This husband-wife duo uses humor and real sentiment to convey messages that are quirky, poignant and personal.

3. Moglea

Cost:$7.50 per card or $22.50 for a box of six

Moglea was launched in May 2012 by Chad and Meg Gleason. After moving to Chad’s family farm in Audubon, Iowa, they bought a century-old letterpress and started creating the Moglea line. Meg sought to bring unexpected processes — like dip dye and hand painting — to the fine stationery market.

Cost: $5 per card or $16.50 for a box of six

In 1999, Tess Darrow started Egg Press in Portland, Ore. Egg Press is considered one of the pioneers in the resurgence of letterpress printing. They have a sophisticated color palette, hand-drawn illustrations, textile-inspired patterns and a sense of humor.

Cost: $5 per card

Ghost Academy likes things that are funny or quirky, so they try to create stuff that makes them smile. Their cards are hand-printed using a few simple tools and a lot of elbow grease.

Cost:$5 per card or $18–$20 for a box of six

Sarah Hanks started Fancy Seeing You Here in Washington, D.C. Hanks loves experimenting with different mediums, from sewing to letterpress to glassblowing.

Cost:$5 per card or $18 for a box of six

Ladyfingers Letterpress was founded in 2011 by Arley-Rose Torsone and Morgan Calderini, a married couple. In 2016, Ladyfingers Letterpress opened their Flagship Store in Colorado Springs, Colo., a post from which they also design and produce their line of letterpress gifts and stationery.

Cost:$4.50 per card(You can choose an envelope color to personalize this, or include a single stamp for 50 cents.)

The Witty Gritty Paper Company is made up of Melinda and Meredith, a mother-daughter duo. Melinda is the illustrator, accountant, customer service liaison and the mother of the equation. Meredith is the watercolorist, photographer, designer and daughter. Their cozy studio is located in Buffalo, N.Y.

Cost:$5 per card or $16 for a box of sixNotes:There are also city-specific holiday cards for Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C. — plus one for Texas.

Hello!Lucky is a letterpress greeting card brand created by sisters Eunice and Sabrina Moyle. The siblings have spent the last 11 years mastering their craft.

10. Sophie

Cost:$3.44 per card, $13.77 for pack of five or $25.47 for pack of 10

Sophie Corrigan lives in a sweet little shop in the United Kingdom. She’s a freelance illustrator, and she’s studying children’s book illustration.

Cost:$4.50 per card or $13.50 for a box of six

Paula and Waffle is a stationery design studio based in New York and New Jersey. Waffle is a 5-year-old Havanese pup who inspires illustrator Paula Cheng-Mehta and keeps her company while she designs. All of Cheng-Mehta’s cards and paper goods are printed in the United States and assembled in her Queens studio.

12. Elūm

Cost:$5.50 per card

Elūm is small but mighty crew of award-winning designers and printmakers who still believe in the power of paper correspondence. They are designers, painters, illustrators, hand-letterers, typesetters, printers and inventors.

Typography by Simi Mahtani for The Lily.

Photos by Linda Wang for The Lily.

Hand-drawn elements by Rachel Orr.

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