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Don’t know what to dress up as this Halloween? Try our emotional labor or gender-reveal costumes.

Start a conversation with these nine ideas

She’s 15 in Brazil. These are her dreams.

Our fourth installment of ‘Girlhood Around the World’

‘I’m afraid’: An openly transgender elected Republican responds to Trump’s proposed gender policy

The administration is weighing a move to define gender as strictly biological

A man hurled racist insults at a black woman on a Ryanair flight. He kept his seat — she was the one to move.

A fellow passenger recorded the interaction and posted it to social media

7 female YouTube stars. 7 stories of vulnerability they’ve never shared before.

Stories about grappling with online harassment, exploring sexual identity and facing the unknown

In the year since #MeToo, has country music made strides?

Artists are speaking up — but there have been setbacks, too

Texting with Michelle Buteau: Dramedies, rosé and overcoming shyness

We caught up with the host of ‘Late Night Whenever’ ahead of this year’s Bentzen Ball comedy festival

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An archive of our twice-weekly newsletter

It’s still common practice to separate genders for sex ed. Here’s why that’s a problem.

There’s consensus that it is best practice to speak to all genders at the same time

Lily Lines: This Trump gender policy would affect 1.4 million Americans

Plus, an abortion pill will now ship to the U.S.

Chatting with Jonathan Van Ness: Algebra, overalls and Kristi Yamaguchi

We caught up with the ‘Queer Eye’ star ahead of this year’s Bentzen Ball comedy festival

As maid of honor, I had the chance to be seen as a woman — not just a woman in a wheelchair

On display at a wedding, I was seen in the best way

Is solo travel thrilling or anxiety inducing? For me, it’s both.

When I come home, I enjoy sharing the travel stories that only I can really tell

Texting with Marcia Belsky: Feminism, bagels and Twitter personalities

We caught up with the co-creator of ‘Handmaid’s Tale: The Musical’ ahead of this year’s Bentzen Ball comedy festival

How the Sexual Harassment Defense Industrial Complex is growing in the #MeToo era

What are the lawyers, public relations professionals, female character witnesses and pundits defending powerful men actually accomplishing?

Why women’s rights have been dividing American politics since the 1970s

Everything changed once the personal became the political

My husband and I struggled with division of labor when we had our first child. Here’s what we did.

We had to be intentional about making a change

‘This disease would not let her go until she was gone’: A wrenching obituary details the devastation of opioids

A young woman’s relative describes the value of her life and pain of her death

Sen. Dianne Feinstein says she’d ‘absolutely’ be in favor of reopening Kavanaugh investigation

But Democrats would have to take control of the Senate first