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Mo’Nique stands by her truth at all costs

Even though she’s gotten less work and more criticism, the Queen of Comedy won’t stop calling people out

Jill Biden has never wanted to be a political figure, but Joe can’t win the White House without her

‘If anyone can make the case for him, she’s going to be the one who can do it’

Newly surfaced VHS tape allegedly featuring R. Kelly is turned over to authorities by Michael Avenatti

The tape could reportedly lead to an indictment soon

Why did the first U.S. uterine transplant fail?

This case illustrates what critics say is a lack of public accountability in the U.S. transplant system

Breast surgeons say all breast cancer patients should be offered genetic testing. Oncologists aren’t so sure.

The breast surgeons’ recommendation got mixed reviews from oncologists and surgeons

Meet Madeline Stuart, one of Australia’s fashion models — who also has Down syndrome

Stuart is in demand at events worldwide, including New York Fashion Week

How caring for my dying father helped me embrace the monotony of parenting

Suddenly, the emotional stakes of caring for my son seemed much lighter

Early 2000s icons, like Avril Lavigne, are making new music. Here’s what they gave me in girlhood.

I saw myself — a young brown girl living in suburbia — in Lavigne, Michelle Branch and Vanessa Carlton

All parents want for Valentine’s Day is for their children to be safe from gun violence

A year after the Parkland shooting, Valentine’s Day is no longer just about paper hearts

Nehanda Abiodun, anti-drug activist, black nationalist and ‘godmother’ of Cuban hip-hop, dies at 68

‘Freedom is freedom, and I’ve been fighting for freedom since I was 10 years old,’ she said in 2014

An emoji worth $300 million? A developer is suing Kim Kardashian West over the use of Kimoji.

The developer claims Kardashian West ran away with the trademark and never shared the profits

Singer Ryan Adams responds to allegations of sexual misconduct and manipulation

The women interviewed by the New York Times include his ex-wife, Mandy Moore

She filed for divorce from her abusive husband. The court fight was a year-long nightmare.

It was an ‘injustice’ that he was profiting from their divorce

One year after the Parkland shooting, we need to remember these words

We should recall the voices of those who spoke up in the aftermath to demand change

‘Love is a spectrum’: 8 stories that go beyond boy meets girl

This Valentine’s Day, we’re highlighting versions of love that rarely reach the spotlight

Why saying ‘I love you’ became such a big deal

There’s more anxiety around those three words than ever before

‘I feel desperate to withdraw from all social interactions’: This is how I experience anxiety

It largely manifests as emetophobia — an extreme fear of vomit and vomiting

It’s not enough to hope for the best. Millennials are writing contracts for their relationships.

Many do so to ‘optimize’ their romantic partnerships

After years of war, terror takes a back seat to love in Pakistan this Valentine’s Day

Love is simply part of a Pakistani February this year