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Kamala Harris enters 2020 presidential race

The daughter of immigrants arrived in the Senate two years ago

Singing at Trump’s inaugural ball derailed Chrisette Michele’s career. Now she’s trying to rebuild.

The R&B singer is back on stage with a new perspective

Gillette’s new ad invokes the #MeToo movement but only focuses on men. Here’s why that’s a problem.

When we discuss toxic masculinity, we must also acknowledge the women who reinforce it

A man, a baby and a mountain of bottles: Here’s what happened when my wife went back to work

My transition to stay-at-home dad was gratifying

Do you remember Pamela Smart? Two decades later her story still fascinates.

As she pushes for release from a life sentence, Smart offers an intimate glimpse into her life in prison

Lily Lines: This law is helping close the wage gap in Denmark

Plus, three takeaways from the Women’s March

Developing countries need a new approach to tackle period stigma, critics say

Providing pads and cups to girls isn’t enough

Our female-focused sex tech was celebrated at first. Then, double standards got in the way.

This never would’ve happened to a male-owned company

Is there a such thing as too much self-care? One woman found out.

Author Marianne Power offers insights from a year spent following the advice of 12 popular self-help books

The Women’s March was smaller this year. Did the recent controversy make women stay home?

This year, many women said, they had a hard time deciding whether or not to go

Karen Pence’s politics horrify me. But her return to work is a feminist victory.

Her choice paves the way for first and second spouses of the future to preserve their careers

Women are entering a new era of political influence. Gabriela Hearst is dressing them for it.

She says she wants to give women ‘uniforms for their lives so they feel comfortable in their power’

The U.S. has shockingly high infant and maternal mortality rates. Part of the problem is our lack of midwives.

America has a fraught relationship with midwifery and home birth

Court rules against Planned Parenthood in Texas ‘sting videos’ case, bringing the organization one step closer to being defunded

Texas said the videos showed Planned Parenthood discussing the illegal sale of fetal tissue of aborted babies

The March for Life wants to welcome you, Democrats. But your party has become so extreme.

Republicans and Democrats should stand together in defense of life, the ultimate human right

Then and now: Activists who attended women’s marches in 2017 discuss their plans for Saturday

Amid controversies surrounding the national Women’s March organization, will these seven women still attend?

Boyfriend and girlfriend are out. ‘Partners’ are in. Here’s why more millennials are changing how they define their relationships.

The growing preference for ‘partner’ could suggest a shift that goes beyond labels and language

I’m 17. Here’s why I’m participating in the Women’s March.

If we as young women don’t raise our voices, who will?

President Trump claims migrant women are being taped up at the border

Experts have no idea what he’s talking about