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Carrie Underwood opens up about the enraging pain of three miscarriages

‘For the first time, I actually told God how I felt’

This American woman broke a two-decade-old cycling speed record

Denise Mueller-Korenek pedaled 183.9 mph on a bike

How Elizabeth Olsen confronts traditional perceptions of grief in ‘Sorry for Your Loss’

The show debuts on Facebook Watch Sept. 18

Is the #MeToo movement changing China?

#MeToo moments in China have sent shock waves through progressive circles

Will Kavanaugh’s accuser be treated differently than Anita Hill?

Nearly 30 years ago, Hill accused then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment

It seemed like the worst of Florence was over. Then she lost her baby son in a flood.

Dazia Lee was trying to hold onto her 1-year-old when the water ripped him away

Kavanaugh, and the woman who alleges he sexually assaulted her, are set to publicly testify next week

Kavanaugh and Ford will appear before the Senate on Monday

At this year’s Emmy Awards, the talk about diversity doesn’t quite translate to trophies

The night seemed slightly at odds with its own cultural expectations

How ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s’ Amy Sherman-Palladino made history at the Emmys

And why it was also a win for fans of ‘Gilmore Girls’

She tried to fight for women’s and LGBT rights. Now this Vietnamese singer can only perform in secret.

Do Nguyen Mai Khoi has been dubbed the Lady Gaga of Vietnam and compared to Pussy Riot

The most searing lines from Hillary Clinton’s new essay on Trump

‘Our democratic institutions and traditions are under siege,’ Clinton writes in a piece for the Atlantic

Do women make better TV writers? This Emmy-nominated ‘Barry’ writer thinks so

Liz Sarnoff talks writers’ rooms, unlikable characters and breaking into the business

She killed Nazis and saved children: A famous Dutch resistance fighter dies at 92

Freddie Oversteegen had been only 14 when she joined the resistance

Have we learned from #MeToo? Treatment of Kavanaugh’s accuser will make clear if we ‘believe women.’

The accusation is a test of who we trust, and when

She managed to escape. Then she helped law enforcement catch a ‘serial killer.’

A Texas Border Patrol agent killed four sex workers before law enforcement found him

The year of the woman candidate offers voters a series of ‘firsts’

As attention turns to November, a look back at the primary season

‘I thought he might inadvertently kill me’: Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser tells her story

Christine Blasey Ford alleges Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were in high school

Lily Lines: Why this state wants Hillary Clinton out of its curriculum

Plus, Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser goes public

Cooking with my partner is a beautiful element of our relationship. Here’s why it’s special to us.

Few things bring me more joy