5 days in the life of a Black zero-waste activist

Freweyni Asress shares how she made the lifestyle work for her, despite its limitations for people of color

Climate change is endangering sacred land. For these Native women, it threatens ‘everything we are.’

Wildfires and droughts are fundamentally changing the relationship between Native women and the land they steward

Rachael Rollins could become the first Black woman to fill Massachusetts’s top federal prosecutor job

If she is confirmed as U.S. attorney, it would ‘open so many more doors,’ other women say

It’s the first Summer Olympics since #MeToo — and athletes are speaking out. Survivors say it’s ‘a reckoning.’

The Games are a unique moment of visibility for female athletes

Cheerleading could have a place at the Olympics. It’s ‘huge’ for a sport that’s long been stereotyped.

Last week, the IOC officially recognized cheerleading as a sport, opening up a pathway for its Olympic debut

Simone Biles is being applauded for her strength. Society owes her more, these Black women say.

Comments about Biles’s courage can feed into stereotypes if they fail to acknowledge her humanity, they say

The lesson Simone Biles just taught us? Mental health is health.

For other women of color — and people in general — this message is invaluable

Many people suffer pregnancy loss, then immediately get back to work. A new bill wants to change that.

The bill would mandate at least three days of paid leave for those who experience pregnancy loss

How do you feel about your body? These comic artists got personal.

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Fencer Alen Hadzic is being investigated for sexual assault. He’s still competing for Team USA.

The high-profile case is emblematic of deeper problems within the sport, some fencers say

I’m an extrovert. My mom’s an introvert. Here’s what self-quarantining with her taught me.

As I clamor back to post-vax life, I’m holding on to these lessons

Coming out in the year of staying in

I never felt like I could claim the label ‘queer.’ Quarantine gave me the opportunity.

3 women on being disabled in America, in their own words

On the anniversary of the ADA, they reflect on navigating their identities

Hotels can be unsafe for domestic violence victims. A new website wants to change that.

Until now, hotels requested full names from victims, putting them in danger if an abuser called the front desk

Reading about mental health can help you feel less alone. Start with these 7 comics.

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Who gets to define a place? In this New Delhi resettlement colony, it’s women’s voices that are being heard.

Khadar has a Wikipedia page thanks to a group of about 15 women residents

Which pandemic habits are you keeping? Here’s how to think about it.

Emerging from this time period gives us the chance to curate our lives, according to one expert

Ask Sahaj: I changed in the pandemic. What should I do if my friends don’t get it?

I don’t think my friends have changed, but I do wonder if my needs are different.