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The vast majority of people suffering from migraines are women. Why?

Of those who experience chronic migraine attacks, as many as 85 percent are women

Elizabeth Warren is the favorite in her own race. So she’s trying to get fellow Democrats elected across the country.

Warren’s midterms operation further positions her for a 2020 presidential run

Native American women candidates are running for office. Their wins would be historic.

More than a hundred Native American women have taken part in races at local and state levels

Lily Lines: Michelle Obama is making three big career moves this fall

Plus, the number of #MeToo tweets in the past year

A Q&A with ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s’ Aline Brosh McKenna

The show has tried to dismantle stereotypes of women and love on TV

What’s next for India’s #MeToo movement?

Women are pushing back against the corrosive abuse of male power

Kathryn Harrison’s new memoir, ‘On Sunset,’ paints an evocative portrait of a unusual family

It gives the backstory for her controversial 1997 memoir, ‘The Kiss‘

When we discourage boys from reading books about girls, what message do we send?

Our culture assumes that only men’s stories are universal

She’s a doctor. She’s taking over Planned Parenthood. And she’s ready to fight.

With Leana Wen at the helm, what’s next for the organization?

Why do we keep talking about Melania Trump’s fashion choices?

The first lady’s outfits continue to set off commentary

‘Good men’ don’t rape or otherwise abuse women. That’s not nearly enough.

One woman wonders why men don’t organize to change male culture

Taylor Swift and Rihanna told young people to register. They’re listening, but will they actually vote?

It’s difficult to gauge how many young people will turn out on Election Day

Rosie O’Donnell’s arts nonprofit teaches youth about ‘rehearsing for life’

Studies have shown a decline in public school programs in the arts

The genesis of ‘miraculous discoveries’: Johns Hopkins names a building to honor Henrietta Lacks

The controversy as to who owns her ‘immortal’ cells is ongoing

How mothers can make the most of the current women’s movement

Moms should capitalize on this moment and turn collective anger into action

‘The thoughts pour in before I’m able to stop them’: This is how I experience anxiety

‘Just me and my anxiety’

Michelle Obama is forging ahead with purpose

Obama launched social initiatives on voting and girls’ education