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This Juneteenth, commemorate the end of slavery and remember the families still torn apart in this country

This is what America has done to families of color for centuries

Sexual harassment starts at a young age for many girls. The effect can be lifelong.

‘There is a psychological assault that happens when you’re being sexualized’

A reporter at the White House played audio of Central American children crying for their parents

‘It felt like the right thing to do’

A 6-year-old Virginian wins the national ‘Doodle 4 Google’ contest

The first-grader competed with more than 180,000 entries in the art competition

It’s been a decade since Gwyneth Paltrow launched Goop. And it’s here to stay.

In the Goop crowd, Paltrow serves as the brand’s prototype

Every living first lady has condemned separating immigrant families

First ladies tend to avoid making statements on controversial issues

Some millennials find going out for a drink takes too much effort, one study says. That doesn’t mean we’re lazy.

There needs to be a more holistic approach to the way that millennials are studied

My stomach pain proved to be advanced ovarian cancer. I fought back and clung to hope.

Ovarian cancer will kill an estimated 14,000 American women this year

The Australian Senate voted to scrap the country’s ‘tampon tax.’ It won’t change much.

Feminine hygiene products are considered ‘luxury items’ in Australia

In the Louvre, Beyoncé is an icon of victory: How the Carters elevate art in ‘APES--T’

The underlying messages in Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s new video

Through a photograph, this little girl became a symbol of the U.S.-Mexico border under Trump

How photographer John Moore captured the scene

Monticello finally gives Sally Hemings her place in presidential history

Thomas Jefferson’s mansion now features Hemings’ room

It’s immoral to separate children from their parents at the border

As a country, it is our obligation to reunite them

I’m running again for the first time in years. It’s resurfacing old insecurities.

I’m trying to be better to myself

‘Who is Vera Kelly?’ stars a heroine with her own brand of spycraft.

It’s part espionage tale, part coming of age/coming out novel

Dear Donor 14659, thank you for your sperm

Anonymous Sperm Donor, you are a special kind of father