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Black Brazilians embrace their natural hair, ditch white beauty standards

A resurgence of natural hair mirrors a rise in black empowerment

The challenges of raising boys in a moment that’s meant for girls

What more are we asking of our boys?

How ABC changed ‘Roseanne’ into ‘The Conners’ and kept the status quo

The frustrating reality of the entertainment industry

Brandon Teena was murdered 25 years ago. Why the journalist who wrote about it is apologizing today.

Donna Minkowitz’s reporting approached the story with bias

The crying Honduran girl and her mother were not separated, father says

‘This is the case for my daughter, but it is not the case for 2,000 children that were separated from their parents’

Melania Trump’s jacket caused an uproar. Here’s what it says about the East Wing.

The first lady’s choice of attire speaks to a lack of interest in her role

I was separated from my mother. Here’s how I talk to my son about what’s happening today.

“The damage and heartache and trauma of losing a parent is lifelong.”

Women in Saudi Arabia can drive starting Sunday. Feminists there are still labeled traitors.

Nationalism and feminism have a complicated relationship in the nation

Actress Diane Guerrero is still grappling with her parents’ deportation

The TV star is set to release a children’s memoir about her experience

With controversial jacket, Melania Trump wears the heart of her husband’s administration on her sleeve

Compassion for the suffering doesn’t seem to suit her or President Trump

Evangelical Christians are using the Bible to justify family separation. This is at odds with the faith I know.

‘I’m sure Jesus weeps over the current state of America’

Pixar’s ‘Bao’ celebrates a mother’s love, the immigrant experience and our connection to food

All wrapped up in an adorable short

Tunnel vision, trouble breathing and feeling pointless: This is how I experience anxiety

‘I didn’t have the language or diagnosis for a long time to describe how I felt’

Rosario Dawson’s quest to save ugly animals

In her latest role, the actress plays a moth

For the first time since 1980, Iranian women were allowed to watch the World Cup in the same stadium as men

Women have been banned from watching men’s sporting events in Iran for 38 years

Melania Trump urged her husband to end the border separation policy. So did her immigration lawyer.

‘She has become even more vocal about her thoughts’

A female reporter was groped during a live World Cup broadcast

‘This one went too far’

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is now on maternity leave: ‘Welcome to our village wee one’

She is the second elected world leader to give birth while in office

Angela Garbes wrote ‘Like a Mother’ to address the policing of pregnant women and what ‘normal’ really means

If birth is so common, why does it feel like a mystery?