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In Somalia, a 10-year-old girl bled to death after a genital mutilation ritual

UNICEF estimates 98 percent of girls and women in the country have been cut

Megan Abbott continues to set female rivalries on fire with ‘Give Me Your Hand’

A toxic friendship comes to a head in the author’s latest book

Explicitly educational: Erotic fanfiction’s sex-ed appeal to young women

The fanfiction community mostly consists of women, with stories written from the female gaze

Lori McKenna writes the most devastating ballads in country music. Here’s how she does it.

‘We’re all people-watchers in some way’

He thought white men were vanishing from TV. I disagreed. So we conducted an experiment.

Was he watching TV from another planet?

Why is ugly fashion in right now?

Fanny packs, prairie dresses and luxury shower shoes

In India, at least 17 men are accused of repeatedly raping an 11-year-old

The men repeatedly kidnapped the girl over several months, according to court documents

Ann Hopkins, who won Supreme Court gender-bias case after being denied a promotion, dies at 74

She was said to need ‘a course in charm school’

‘Constant knots and an uneasiness in my stomach’: This is how I experience anxiety

Most people would have no idea when I’m experiencing anxiety

‘You can’t call her a slut?’: GOP congressman makes bigoted remarks about women in newly unearthed audio

‘Is birth control really that important to you ladies?’

‘I believe it was discrimination’: Muslim girls kicked out of public pool for swimming in cotton clothes

Officials said their hijabs would clog filtration system

My best friend is facing deportation to Afghanistan. Here’s how we are fighting back.

Our friendship isn’t the only reason I want her to stay in Norway

Six women learn the confusing, ambiguous reality of confronting an alleged harasser

It started with a Facebook post. Would it end with a manager’s firing?

‘Eighth Grade’ stars Elsie Fisher and Emily Robinson on the ‘blurgh’ of middle school

Sniffing markers, #MeToo and anxiety

‘Sister survivors’: Larry Nassar victims show solidarity as they receive ESPY award

‘We may suffer alone, but we survive together’

Michelle Williams announced she’s seeking treatment for depression. Here’s how fans are supporting her.

The singer opened up about her long undiagnosed depression

‘The witch of Wall Street,’ NYC’s ‘Rosa Parks’ and an abortion provider: Exhibit shows New York women who made history

Some may sound familiar, but many of the women are not as well-known