Navajo Nation celebrates its first official Pride parade after a devastating year

‘We’re here, we survived and we’re going to be okay’

A Virginia high schooler sued her district over sexual assault. It could open doors for other survivors, experts say.

A June 16 decision makes room for a new trial in her case

A lot of my friends moved away during the pandemic. Here’s why I’m staying put.

It feels complacent after a year of stagnancy, but I know it’s the right choice for me

Diets, weigh-ins and progress shots: One woman tried it all before she finally found body acceptance

‘Giving myself compassion has helped my overall well-being, physically and mentally’

As restrictions ease, the respect restaurant workers got is ‘out the window,’ they say. It’s driving some to quit.

Restaurant workers have been leaving their industry — which is predominantly staffed by women — in droves

Women in the craft beer industry say they’re treated like they don’t belong. Now, they’re speaking up.

Despite women being at the helm of beer brewing for hundreds of years, many in the industry say it’s full of gatekeeping

Women starved themselves to reach Victoria’s Secret ‘virtually inhuman’ standard of beauty. Now the iconic Angels are gone.

The company announced a major rebranding effort Wednesday

I am my father’s retirement plan. It’s an honor that terrifies me.

Providing support for my dad is both a privilege and an obligation I do not take lightly

Hormonal birth control can be a struggle. Could this new gel be a ‘game changer’?

The gel protects against pregnancy for one hour and is applied right before intercourse

Teens don’t always get sex ed at school. TikTokers are stepping in.

The platform is filling an education gap. But like anything else, it has its limitations

A groundbreaking Connecticut law would give a $3,200 bond to every child born into poverty

It would be the first state to grant children of low-income parents individual trusts paid for by the state, which children can access once they turn 18

A generation changed

A package from the editors of The Lily examining the effects of the pandemic on women and nonbinary people

Mansplainers at work? Here’s how to deal when you go back to the office.

For most women, mansplaining has long been a backdrop of navigating the world

I’ve spent a lifetime trying to get doctors to believe my pain. It’s all too common for women.

To be a chronically ill woman is to see a side of medicine others can afford to ignore

I used to feel like I was losing money if I wasn’t working. Financial planning helped me find balance.

Money anxiety used to paralyze me with guilt and worry

Black women have always led the fight for reparations. ‘They’re not getting their due,’ historians say.

Here are three women throughout history you might not know about

The pandemic has changed me. But how will we collectively heal?

It’s difficult to start healing when the pain is still being inflicted

‘60 Minutes’ ran an episode about algorithm bias. Only White experts were given airtime.

The episode renewed calls to #CiteBlackWomen, many of whom have been leading research on AI bias